True Enterprise Grade Cloud-based Wi-Fi

With a seamless resilient cluster, full enterprise support including VoIP and Multicast, and massive scalabilty to 10,000 APs this is the first truly viable enterprise wireless cloud solution.

Cloud benefits

Ubiquitous access, geographic separation, active-active cluster are just some of the benefits of a cloud deployment

True Enterprise

Powered by WiNG, you have all the features of an on-premise controller including VoIP and Multicast plus a portable configuration


Social Media Analytics provides marketing data to get you closer to your guest user


2-factor authentication, encryption, network isolation and PCI compliance ensure the system is secure at all levels

Cloud-based Wireless

Geographically diverse, elastic & scalable, ease of deployment, faster to deploy than on-site hardware, but fully functional unlike other clouds

WiNG Architecture

20 years of skills and experience are built into WiNG to bring you full enterprise capabilities such as SmartRF to optimise the radio domain

Heirarchical structure

Designed at all levels to support Distributor, Reseller and End-User access context automatically based on login credentials

Three step deployment

Ship APs directly to site
Create the configuration centrally on this platform
Monitor the performance centrally

Seamless Resilience

High availability cluster, no single point of failure, full configuration and database mirroring. WLAN continues to work even without Internet

Guest Services

Private vouchers or social media login with analytics – the choice is yours

Edifi cloud-based Enterprise WLAN : fully resilient | fully featured | simply deployed

About Edifi

Edifi was created to provide a secure and resilient cloud-based controller solution for Motorola/Zebra Wireless LANs. It is created and developed in close collaboration with Zebra, by a dedicated team of professionals with long experience in wireless, recognised as leaders in this field. It was originally commissioned by Zebra for the EU marketplace, and provides a clear solution for customers, resellers, and distribution partners. With geographically diverse datacentres, the solution is fundamentally resilient, providing a ready-to-deploy instance of a WLAN Controller cluster faster than any site-based hardware controller solution, and without the need for an MPLS WAN to connect to controllers at the datacentre.

Built around WiNG, it provides all of the enterprise functions of a full on-site controller-based solution, but with the speed of deployment and built-in resilience of a cloud deployment.

Unique to Edifi is the ability to migrate from a controller-based solution to this cloud deployment and back again. No other cloud-provider can provide this. WiNG is complemented by a management portal which provides Distributors, Resellers and Customers to manage access and licensing in a simple process.

No other cloud wireless provider can deliver the same Enterprise feature set as Edifi with WiNG. All features available from on-site controllers are available on the Edifi cloud platform, and is scalable to 10,000 APs per cluster.

Features such as true Voice over IP (VoIP) support, Multicast support, 802.1x Enterprise strong authentication managed within the premises, and SmartRF is also fully available to dynamically manage the RF Spectrum as needed.

A unique feature to the Edifi platform is the ability to gather and analyse Social Media data. These can deliver key demographics and metrics about your guest users. giving you the opportunity to closely tailor your marketing to individuals and sectors giving you better ROI and them more targeted offers.

Such data can provide a unique insight into your customer preferences and therefore vastly improve the quality and effectiveness of your marketing messages. More info here

The Active-Active cloud platform is designed to be fully resilient, with monitoring and replication built-in at a fundamental level to ensure continuity in any event.

System metrics are constantly monitored and assessed to confirm performance is optimum, failure conditions are constantly monitored and alerted, and any failover event is managed seamlessly.